PLASTIC FILM is no longer accepted in Mixed / Commingled Recycling

November 6, 2017

Further to our discussions, China’s "National Sword" program has caused immediate changes in how the industry is currently handling recycled materials.  It has been made clear that the end markets expect a much higher level of quality than in the past.

Below is a quote from one of CasCell’s very experienced commodity marketing managers:

I believe China’s move towards receiving much cleaner feedstock for their industries is non-negotiable and is linear, we will not see them retract this stance. This position of oversupply to other existing marketplaces and heightened quality demands will lend itself to source segregation and thereby change the current methods of collection. This will make it possible to meet the increasingly tightened product specification end markets now and future.

Cascades Recovery + is implementing the following change to acceptable mixed / commingled recycling programs in order to produce a quality required by the end markets:

Effective  January 1st, 2018 - PLASTIC FILM will no longer be accepted in Single Stream loads
Prohibited materials include any type of soft- stretch wrap or soft plastic packaging like:

  • Shopping bags
  • Garbage or recycling bags
  • Shrink wrap
  • Bubble wrap

Multi Family homes can take their film to one of the local recycling or bottle depots.

Large generators of plastic film can have their hauler deliver it source separated or picked up by a subcontracted hauler or service provider.