Roll Off Bins

4Less offers roll-off bins of varying sizes to suit your needs. Roll-off bins are well suited to larger projects and can handle a wide variety of materials.

Our bins are available from 12 to 40 yards. With 4less’s Go Green commitment we offer split bins allowing a single bin to be used for recyclables and garbage simultaneously. Open-topped bins are standard, lidded versions available. Service can be customized for your needs. Our drivers take care in protecting you from any bin damage and come equipped with a driveway protector to lay down and protect your driveway against any bin damage. 

Bin Dimensions

Size Length Width Height
12 Cubic Yard 12' 7' 4.5'
20 Cubic Yard / Split 18.5' 8' 4.5'
30 Cubic Yard / Split 20' 8' 6'
20 Cubic Yard 18.5' 8' 4.5'
30 Cubic Yard 20' 8' 6'
40 Cubic Yard 20' 8' 8'

Roll Off Bin Details

Sizing and Estimating

  • If you’re wondering what size of container makes sense for you, a typical pick-up truck holds about 2 cubic yards of material.

Placement Area

  • Bins 20-40 yards require 90′ of space, 12 yard bins require 60′.

Loading the Bin

  • Containers should be loaded only to the top of the bin and should weigh no more than 10,000 kgs.
  • Heavy loads should be distributed evenly throughout the bin.

Load Restrictions

  • Dirt, Rubble, Rock, Bricks, Concrete: Rock bin only.
  • Drywall, Gyproc, Gypsum: 30 yard container maximum.
  • Stucco: 20 yard container maximum.
  • Roofing (Tar and gravel shingles): 20 yard container maximum.

Hook Trucks

We offer a single axle hook truck and hook bins for tighter spaces, 12/14 yard bins for lighter weight products and tighter areas to get into.